How to Choose the Right Cricket Bat?

How to Choose the Right Cricket Bat?

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To enjoy a good game of cricket, you need to have the right cricket accessories. Bat, being one of the most important accessories, deserves special consideration. If you’re planning to purchase a bat soon, these are some tips that can help you make the right decision.

A good-quality bat is a must-have to enjoy a good game of cricket. But apart from the quality, there are a number of factors that determine the performance of a bat. On top of it, you also need to make sure that the bat suits your preferences or your style of playing.

Selecting the wrong bat weight or size can significantly affect your performance, making it crucial for the players to give due importance to the selection.

 So, what are things that one should keep in mind when selecting a bat? Here is a list of 5-

  1. Choosing the Right Type of Bat

Start your selection by first focusing on your requirement. For instance, if you intend to play with leather balls, go for a bat exclusively designed for it. If you play with a softer ball such as a tennis ball, go with a bat created for the same. The major difference between both the types is the thickness of the bat. The ones intended to be played with leather balls are thicker and offer the much-needed power for a hard leather ball.

If you play with both leather and tennis balls, there are also bats designed to be appropriate for different varieties of balls. Playing with a bat that is not suitable for the ball you generally play with can ruin the bat and your game as well.

  1. Size of the Bat

Bats are available in many different sizes. The selection should be made based on your height. For instance, 4 feet and under players are recommended to use a size 0 bat while players who are between 5 feet 3” and 5 feet 5” can use a size 6 bat.

For taller players, there are options like Harrow, Short Handle (SH), and Long Handle (LH). Most bats are available in multiple sizes to match the heights of the players.

  1. Choosing the Wood of the Bat

Professional bats are made from willow, a naturally fibrous wood. Two of the most common types of willows used for making bats are English willow and Kashmir willow. English willow has higher grain density offering better compression, which in turn, gives better stroke capabilities. Kashmir Willow is more affordable making it widely available especially in India. If you plan to play with tennis ball, you can choose lightweight Kashmir Willow or even a regular lightweight bat. However, if you intend to play with a leather ball, you’ll need a good power that is only offered by high-quality Kashmir Willow or English Willow.

  1. The Control

This is another very important aspect that must be looked into when selecting a cricket bat. The controlled offered by a bat will depend on a few things – the weight of the bat, the handle, overall balance and the grip. Make sure you check each of these before making a selection. A tennis ball bat will never be able to offer the right control needed to play a leather ball and vice versa.

  1. Last but Not the Least, Warranty

No matter how good a bat you buy but you need a warranty to keep yourself protected. From the edges getting chipped to the handle coming off, there are many things that could go wrong in a bat too soon. Make sure you are offered a warranty that could ensure you do not end up with a bad deal.

Let the Game Begin

A lot goes into selecting the right bat as per your requirement, expertise, and budget. Keep the above points in mind when making a selection to give your best to each of your innings.

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