Can HIIT Provide the Path of Greatest Resistance?

Can HIIT Provide the Path of Greatest Resistance?

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High interval intensity training is now one of the best trends for people who are willing to hit their goals within a short time. According to fitness enthusiasts, this method of workout has a lot of positive promises to the athletes and people who want to lose weight. To make it even better, you can visit to choose fitness enhancement gear that will suit your needs.

However, there is a big question that every person, especially starters, are asking: can the HIIT provide the path of greatest resistance? Well, we will highlight some insights that will try and answer this question. You will be the judge after reading this publication.

What is HIIT?

Before anything else, it is crucial for a fitness enthusiast to understand what HIIT is. In simple terms, these include some cardio workouts that are done fast and within a short time to bring the body into action. The workouts force the body beyond a limit in every set although within a short time.

Basically, each set will not go more than 90 seconds. If you take a 100-meter sprint, it is arguably similar in results to taking a long jogging across the estate. From these, it is evident that the body cannot sustain long sets, so one has to keep it short and rest in between.

How HIIT Boosts Resistance

Resistance and endurance go hand in hand when it comes to fitness. Some studies have already shown that HIIT is at the center of making any person become better in resistance. The short tough thrusts make the metabolism activity shoot high and will continue this way for several minutes even after you have stopped the workouts. This is a great boost not only to resistance but also in losing fat or getting lean muscles if this is the goal.

As much as the body may take longer to get used to the exercises, it is a different story once it becomes a routine. The fact that some of these exercises push the body a little too far is good. You will get used to and doing it will no longer be an issue. Any expert will conquer that a body will improve endurance and resistance if it is engaging in workouts that promote the same. This is what these workouts do.

There is a theory that when one is engaging HIIT, the body absorbs more energy, which in return improved the burning of calories. So, if your dream is to lose weight and become lean, then this is the way to go. On the other hand, the more one becomes lean, the more they will be getting more strength packed in their muscles. HIIT is core in improving strength in people. Better still, it will keep the body engaged in tough thrusts, which stores energy in the cells.


HIIT is indeed a great option to consider for any fitness enthusiast out there. You need to understand how to do it in the right way to get the best out of it. From the above highlights, it is evident that this is the way to increase your resistance. Athletes and bodybuilders engage in HIIT often to get the resistance they need to keep going.

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