4 pairs of Nike studs that every football player should own

4 pairs of Nike studs that every football player should own

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Football is a game that is famous and loved throughout the world and it has a loyal fan following even to a fault. It is a really exciting game where the objective is to mount attacks on the opposing team section with the aim of steering the ball into the goal guarded by the opponent players. This steering should be done without the use of hands. It is a game of stamina, skill, many a times deception and clever planning along with precision hits. But amidst all these there are important things that are much more important than these things which are the attire of the players mostly the shorts and the protective gears that give the player freedom for mobility and the required confidence to mount attacks on the opponent team without any fear of hurting his body. The shin pads provide protection to the shin region of the legs of the players and goalkeepers are allowed some extra protective gloves but the most important protection that every player, even the referee have, are the boots or cleats that are worn in a football game. One of the best companies that makes footwear for football is Nike. Even when there is not much fan following of football in India, Nike India has invested in Indian markets after the under-17 world cup was held in India.

In the upcoming FIFA world cup there will be many players donning many famous boots and some will be made famous. There will be many footwears from various countries across the world and you may be drawn toward buying one of those. Thus, here are the 4 pairs of studs by one of the best companies that you can buy:

  • Nike TIEMPO Legend VII: This is the boot that is comfortable, has the heritage look of cool black merging with florescent orange. The fly knit technology makes it even more efficient and attractive to buy. The Nike TIEMPO is not very much expensive and thus make it an easy option to buy if you are looking to start. The only shortcoming is that it is not one of the flamboyant boots by Nike.
  • Nike Mercurial Superfly V Neymar Jr: This is a boot that the company has made to dedicate it to a modern legend and if you are looking to take after some particular player then mercurial is the series for you with its each edition being dedicated to some awesome player. The Mercurial is best for players who rely on speed and precision and this id the boot that provides you the traction that you need for your speed. The biggest shortcoming is that it is very expensive.
  • Nike Hyper Venom III Techcraft: This boot has been especially crafted for people who have the skill like Messi, Ronaldo or Beckham. People who are known for their finishes. The boot has a lot of advanced materials used in it. It has been constructed for speed, precision and finishing touches. The strike zone of the boot has padded foam that makes it responsive in cases of very soft touches to the ball making control easier and at time of strike it gives the precision requires for ultimate strike.
  • Nike Premier II FG: This is a boot from nike that is not very famous but it is incredible in design and smart looking with subtle controlling and totally no nonsense. The boot is quite cheaper knowing what the regular Nike boots cost it is a very good option to go for.

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